Poached Creative

“Mina’s ability to connect with clients, her practical approach and audience focus helped us run campaigns that won business and funding for our clients. She was more than happy to share her skills, offering training and one-to-one support to help clients get to grips with using social media effectively for their business.” – Jessica Rose, Managing Director of Poached

Poached was a unique creative agency operating out of Hackney for almost a decade, guided by strong values and a mission to improve society. It created lasting change forĀ  vulnerable members of the community.

I delivered social media training for Poached, helping a social enterprise in the north of England put together a strategy and empowering them to use Facebook and Twitter to improve their business.

I also managed the Twitter side of a successful Kickstarter campaign for Oscar-nominated director Ashvin Kumar. We raised the funds necessary for him to commence work on his next documentary.